Sunday, 23 October 2011

Biker ceetah.

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Foto: Nofacefashion


hannah said...

love it next to the motorcycle! way cool.

anastasia's products rock! love em.

thanks for checking out thefashionhash!



Chloe said...

I LOVE biker boots. They have been popular for a while now and I understand why.

This outfit looks great.

Color Standards said...

cheetah and leopard print are defiantly one of this seasons hottest looks!

NoFaceFashion said...

@Color S: For sure, I've seen it everywhere on the streets. And to me, it doesn't look that cheap like it did in the past.


NoFaceFashion said...

@Chloe: Yea, I know! I feel like buying 2 pairs right now :))

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much what you post.
I hope you can check out mine.

NoFaceFashion said...

@Clara: Thanks for checking my blog. I will pay a visit to yours for sure :)